Why us

Q: Did the team understand your issues and bring strategic and creative solutions to help solve them?
A: Alana is wonderful!!!! YES in all capital letters! From website redesign to ‘who’s buying, who’s not buying.’ We were a $7 Million company, we’re now a $150 million company. We have been partners for over 17 years.
Q. Results: Did they deliver? Did they tell you what success would look like and provide the tools to measure success?

A: Yes, they did very targeted e-blasts, newsletters with forecast expectancies and optimal results and hard numbers to back up their efforts. Number of hits on the website, who was the audience for various products and where do we find more of that audience to sell more of the products. Laser-focused social media based on data, data and more data.
Q: Finance: Did they exhibit financial capability in terms of their delivery on planned budget and were they timely and accurate in billing and financial administration?
A: Complete accuracy, 100% of the time. Several times during our partnership, we went out for competitive bids and Alana always was well within market rates.

Julie Smolyansky – CEO Lifeway Foods.
“We agency’s expertise in marketing, digital media and graphic design to be invaluable. They managed and optimized our website to increase site visits and retention, which made the site more user friendly for our customers while increasing engagement. They were able to take our collaborative ideas and turn them into workable concepts and campaigns that we were able to deploy to the markets we were focusing on. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a hospitality business looking to push their marketing efforts to the next level”

J.R. – General Manager, Naples Bay Resort
“I have been a client of Alana’s and her firm. She and her company did a fantastic job rebuilding a website, creating a social media campaign and helping us rebrand our firm.

I have remained in contact with Alana and consider her not only an excellent marketer, but I also admire her recent work focused on the well being of others. She has found a way to leverage her marketing talent to be a change agent in the wellness industry in a time when it is definitely needed”

Tina Hohman – Alera Group
“Thank you, Marketing For Wellness. What a difference you made for my brand! I can’t wait to share the new image with dancers! I am looking forward to grow, develop and create more together.”

Aleksanda Efimova – President, Aleksandra Enterprises
“Extremely responsive to our company’s varying needs. The one thing that I was truly impressed with their attention to strategy and details. Marketing For Wellness is extremely flexible when shifting priorities and deadlines. They understand that flexibility is key, but you do not lose quality or creativity in the process. They work hard to understand their customer’s strategic priorities and you can see it in their work… they just get it right. They have become a big asset for us.”

K.H. – VP of Marketing, Wixon
“The agency represents a raw creativity and boundless enthusiasm. Really created a phenomenal website. They understood that we wanted to make a statement about commitment to society and helped us communicate it effectively.”

K.M. – Marketing Director, Ubiquity Brands
“We have been very pleased with the work of Marketing For Wellness on our two big projects. Our relationship has been good, mainly because Marketing For Wellness listens to what we want to accomplish and comes up with creative approaches to achieve those objectives. We also appreciate Marketing For Wellness’s commitment to our cause — ending polio worldwide. They have gone the extra distance to help us in our effort to end this disease, which we greatly appreciate.”

T.B. – Marketing Director, Rotary
“Alana has done extraordinary work on a project that is of great significance to the WFMT Radio Network: creating a dynamic by-subscription streaming Web site for our flagship series, Exploring Music. Alena’s work has exceeded our expectations and it’s been a great pleasure to work with her.”

Steve Robinson – Executive Vice President – WFMT Radio Network
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