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I look up to people who strive to make a positive difference, such as Rob Wolcott and his team. Robert founded The World Innovation Network (TWIN), a community of innovative leaders from around the world. An annual summit is held in Chicago, where members meet to discuss how they can promote evolution across all industries. IDM Brand has worked with TWIN since 2016 and I am honored to be a part of this

motivational network.



The Global Wellness Institute has created The Wellness Moonshot Calendar, a visual reminder to create a culture of wellness within organizations and communities. Learn more here.


According to the Center for Disease Control (2017), 69% of all deaths are a result of preventable diseases. Causes of these diseases include poor diet, limited physical activity, environmental pollution, unhealthy workplaces and mental and emotional disorders. With this in mind, it is more crucial than ever to cultivate wellness in all environments.  

Below I have highlighted some of The Global Wellness Institute’s research that I find most pertinent and intriguing:

I enjoy working with Lifeway Foods in the planning, promotion and implementation of Cooking with Lifeway. We make it possible for families to attend cooking classes, food demonstrations and other community outreach events to experience the benefits of wholesome food.


I support projects that inspire people, especially children, to discover themselves and learn new skills. I am involved with the Ship of Tolerance 2019 Chicago iteration.The mission of the Ship of Tolerance is to promote tolerance through art.


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