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The successful merger of Lincoln Snacks and Jays Foods, Inc. required a repositioning on the part of the newly-formed parent company and their major brands.

Marketing for Wellness was commissioned to create the new look and feel for the supporting marketing materials for each brand to support their movement into new distribution channels.

We developed new information architecture and new collateral to communicate product offerings to retail.
We developed messaging and sales portfolio for Jay’s Potato Chips®, Poppycock®, Krunchers! ®, O-ke-doke® and Fiddle Faddle®.

The task involved developing a new look for each brand, connecting product forms and flavors with lifestyles of people who choose Ubiquity’s brands for their snacking pleasure.

Jay’s Potato Chips®


Krunchers! ®


Fiddle Faddle®

Web Site

We delivered a new corporate web site for Ubiquity family of brands. The new site shared a story about the company’s mission to create the most delightful snacks anywhere and their passion to delight their constituents through the use of premium ingredients, indulgent flavors, high impact texture and high-end packaging. The site demonstrated Ubiquity’s commitment to being a good local and global citizen.
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