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Our team helped Meritas increase their enrollment rate via a campaign that made parents “THINK” about the future and what that means for their children’s education today.

The project was inspired by a 2006 cover story of Time Magazine on children being left behind in the areas of critical thinking, teamwork, and foreign languages.



Our team developed a campaign and set of tactics designed to demonstrate to parents that Meritas could prepare students to be the highest performers amongst their peers globally, live happily in a complex and fast-paced global society, find meaning in their lives and contribute positively to the lives of others. Additionally, their goal was to help students develop the intrinsic desire to continuously keep learning. Meritas established a toolbox of skills comprised of:​
• Critical thinking
• Problem-solving
• Global understanding

The campaign consisted of educational and informational resources for parents to learn about the benefits of Meritas Schools for their children’s education.

We outlined concerns and proposed solutions for the educational system in America while at the same time educating readers about the school.
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