NEW ZEaland

OANZ was looking to establish a solid brand awareness for the organization’s new mission among the New Zealand general public and expats, as well as local and central government and agricultural producers.


We worked with the client to develop Brand Positioning and Activation Guidelines, which contributed to their global outreach efforts.


Our team identified the core organizational and environmental issues, benefits and objectives of OANZ. Then, we conducted research to gain a deeper understanding of consumer perceptions.


By clearly laying out OANZ’s main objectives, we were able to create a criteria from which the organization could evaluate all future brand positioning, value propositions and brand promises.


Our team developed a consumer- oriented positoning and creative guidlines that demonstrated  the power of OANZ’s mission with the general public and expats. We used the work to secure support of potential partners 

by helping them understand the goodwill they’d gain by supporting OANZ.


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