Case Study



Wixon was a 100-year-old company that had gone out of date. Owned by foreign corporations until 2004, Wixon changed hands and new management took over.

Marketing For Wellness revitalized the brand and created a consistent marketing platform.



• Conducted competitive research
• Interviewed key stakeholders
• Held workshops with members of Wixon’s
management team

Brand Positioning:
Marketing For Wellness created Wixon’s true brand promise:

New Branding:
Our team designed a new tagline to support a new value proposition.
“Blending innovation with a passion for service–since 1907,”

Trade Shows:
Marketing For Wellness produced marketing materials for a number of industry trade shows including IFT and Snaxpo.
The materials were tailored for each show to highlight Wixon’s capabilities and products.


Marketing For Wellness revamped user experience and design of the site. Some highlights include:

• In-depth descriptions of unique product lines
• User-friendly explanation of Wixon’s scientific and culinary capabilities
• Databases of specialized food flavoring solutions
• Customer service section
• Industry news and trends


The response to Wixon’s new branding has been overwhelmingly positive:

• The changes were easily implemented and allowed for a hundred-year-old company to evolve without sacrificing its values and traditions.
• The new branding presented a unified vision for the company and created enthusiasm among Wixon’s employees.
• Wixon has been invited to provide editorial interviews and participate in industry conferences.

WIXON exponentially increased the online value of the brand and sales.
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