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Sustaining Sustainability Pop-up Experience from Design Build to Influencers Partnerships in just 6 weeks.

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Award Overview - Sustaining Sustainability Pop-up Experience from Design Build to Influencers Partnerships in just 6 weeks.

The 4-day free Pop-up experience called “Sustaining Sustainability, at the Pacific Place in Seattle as part of the “Taiwan Excellence Earth Month” attracted thousands of visitors who were able to experience the future of sustainable living while going on an immersive journey that invited guests to enjoy “Love Our Planet” photo exhibit, enjoying Taiwaneese culture through music and food, and learning about sustainability stories of Taiwanese brands committed to protect the Earth.

Design Build - Bringing the store to life

Our first task was to create a biophilia centric design inspired by nature. We used materials certified by Scientific Certification Systems, Inc., UL GREENGUARD and U.S. Green Building Council to ensure the utmost quality and sustainability.
The central attraction was an impressive living wall, lush with over 1000 succulent plants, creating a visually stunning and eco-friendly exhibit for visitors including influencers to take photos and share content on social media.

Build It and They Will Come - Media Campaign

MFW implemented radio, signage, local groups, calendars and digital billboards across key locations to target Seattle nature, food, concert lovers and mavens.
Our PR campaign generated buzz and ensure coverage of the event.


Gifting attendees with succulents, children’s books, bubble teas and Taiwaneese cakes from the celebrity chef and influencer Sasha Nary.


A significant part of this successful venture was MFW’s collaboration with influencers, among many:
Merle Liivand is not just a renowned swimmer but also a celebrated Climate Advocate, a 5-time Guinness World of Records holder, a member of the World Economic Forum, an inductee in the Sports Hall of Fame, and an Ocean Ambassador.
Iryna Bezsmertna, renowned worldwide as Ms. World International 2023, is more than just a symbol of beauty and grace.

From Design Build to Creating Experiences With Our Inhouse Team in 6 weeks’ time.

Most attendees said they were satisfied (85.6%) with the Taiwan Excellence Pop-up Store.
2000 visitors attended the event, including 30 media correspondents and potential buyers. The press releases generated remarkable visibility, securing more than 1,523 key outlet placements and creating over 9,471,285 impressions. The event also garnered direct engagement from the visitors with 118 completed questionnaires.
Our exceptional team at Marketing For Wellness was able to provide full-service agency support from designing and building the pop-up store to creating the experience and promoting the event while fostering meaningful partnerships with influencers, local organizations, and media partners.
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