Case Study


Premium Wood Prints by Lamin-Art.


From subdued to dramatic, rustic to refined, naturally warm to elegantly cool, Premium Wood Prints by Lamin-Art helps designers create the perfect mood for any commercial interiors.

In 2015, the company introduced 10 new wood-grains to their Premium Wood Prints collection. Marketing For Wellness was tasked with developing and executing an integrated marketing campaign promoting the launch of the new wood-grains to the A+D industry.


The commercial surface market is large and full of competitors, although none offering products with the quality of Lamin-Art.

Our challenge was cutting through the outside noise to position Lamin-Art’s latest additions to Premium Wood Prints as superior products within a crowded market while also further establishing Lamin-Art’s position as producer of the finest surface laminates on the market.


Innovative products deserve innovative marketing. We realized it wouldn’t be enough to simply tout the beauty and realism of the new wood-grains as the Premium Wood Prints collection is already recognized within the A+D industry for those qualities. A combination of analytical research and creative strategy gave us the tools needed to zero in on the collection’s unique selling points and generate effective messaging that would work across all platforms.

Marketing For Wellness conducted competitive research into the surface industry, as well as into current design trends, to get a clear picture. We then leveraged the power of social media to test messaging and imagery with the target audience before launching.

Armed with hard data and real time feedback, we focused in on three key points: the rarity of the new woodgrains, the 4-stage printing process and the introduction of metallic inks for extra realism and depth.

Once we had our message, it was time to get to work. Our team of designers, copywriters and developers took the lead on all aspects of the launch.


Marketing For Wellness successfully launched the new Premium Wood Prints designs through the creation of compelling messaging focusing on the realism, beauty and quality of the new wood-grains.

We effectively distributed this information to the A+D audience via strategic dissemination and creative know-how.
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