Case Study

Lifeway Kefir
at Miami Swim Week


Imagine seeing a probiotic beverage as part of the outfit at a fashion show! Lifeway Kefir made a splash at Miami Swim Week, turning heads and promoting wellness in the most stylish way possible. We worked with fashion designers to match the colors of the outfits to the Lifeway Kefir bottles’ flavors. Marketing for Wellness collaborated with Lifeway Kefir and Miami Swim Week to infuse Lifeway Kefir into the runway.
Event management goes beyond food and scheduling; it’s about authentic influencer involvement. We featured Miss World 2023 Iryna Besmertnaya, who shared how gut health promotes skin health with her followers as part of our wellness campaign for Lifeway Kefir. Iryna ditched a glass of champagne for a glass of kefir, and we brought this campaign to life on the runway.


– Day 1: Kickoff Party with influencers and models, creating trending content.

– Days 2-3: Marketplace display with continuous influencer engagement.

– Day 4: Runway show featuring a promotional video and gift bags for influencers.


– 20+ Instagram stories, 5 posts and 5 reels from influencers.

– Increased brand engagement and visibility.

– Positive feedback aligning influencer and brand values.

– Numerous promotional videos produced.


Our firm has been at the forefront of wellness marketing since the early 2000s, enabling niche startups to launch brands swiftly. Influencer campaigns can drive up to 3-5 times higher conversion rates, with 63% of consumers trusting influencer recommendations over traditional ads. Social media is a crucial platform for these initiatives.


We successfully:

– Increased Brand Awareness
– Engaged with Influencers
– Showcased Products
– Promoted Brand Values under “Love Your Guts”
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