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The Lakeside Collection is an e-commerce business specializing in diverse gift items that offer both style and value. In 2015 they approached Marketing For Wellness to create My Perfect Present, a gift-browsing app that would drive purchases by directing users to a curated selection of gifts on

The user would navigate through the app via a series of “filters” or profile-building questions about the gift recipient and be able to purchase and ship their gift immediately.
With creative solutions and solid audience data, Marketing For Wellness successfully designed, built and launched My Perfect Present in advance of the 2015 holiday season.


The Lakeside Collection has achieved longevity and wide name-recognition by offering their customers fun novelty gift items backed by convenience and high-quality customer service. Marketing For Wellness was tasked with designing an app that would reflect the company’s core values while adding new value for their audience by inspiring them with a new way to browse for and purchase gifts at any time.

In addition to driving transactions, the app’s design needed to increase existing audience engagement and, by tapping into the millennial demographic, create new customers, as well.
The app should support existing social media efforts and marketing goals.

Finally, although My Perfect Present was to be completed in time for the 2015 holiday season, its design needed to be adaptable to any gift-giving celebration.


Inspiring action in users isn’t just a matter of making an app easy to use. We also had to make it personable in a way that inspired users to interact with My Perfect Present. But most of all we had to make it fun.

To make the app feel like a game, a series of quirky questions accompanied by evocative images were designed to guide users to their recipient’s gift profile.

The profiles were built based on familiar personas built on data gathered from the Lakeside Collection’s existing audience via both primary (focus groups) and secondary research (social media, Forester Research).
For that authentic voice, Millennials crave social, Marketing For Wellness developed an eclectic and quirky personality for the app that offered a homey and helpful voice for the user to interact with.


Within four months, Marketing For Wellness designed, programmed and launched My Perfect Present for all desktop and mobile browsers. The app has garnered praise on the App Store and Google Play for encouraging easy, accurate gift-browsing from a trusted source.
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