Case Study

Lifeway Foods

#LifewayKefir Loves Your Guts


Lifeway Foods is the largest producer of specialty functional dairy foods for wellness conscious consumers. Our team has partnered with Lifeway Foods, manufacturer and distributor of kefir products.

Since 2002 we have been supporting the brand in launching new products, advising their brand strategy, and developing buzzworthy online and social media initiatives to get more people to nourish their tummies.


Our team has helped Lifeway Foods introduce several new products to the market through print, radio, and television campaigns. By connecting customers’ needs and usage behavior with Lifeway product benefits, our team contributed to Lifeway’s growth.

Across all of Lifeway’s product lines, our team developed a creative strategy to educate, inform, and entertain customers about Lifeway product benefits and promote healthy lifestyles. Assets created include marketing materials for TV, radio, print, events, outdoor, mobile, and online platforms.


Our team developed meaningful partnerships with influencers to promote the ‘love your guts’ Lifeway campaign. We got professional chefs, integrative medical professionals, musicians, fitness professionals to engage, entertain and educate people who already love Kefir or just about to discover its nutritional benefits.

Chef Collaborations. Cooking Classes , Creating Recipes, Wellness Events, In Person Events And Media Appearances.

Sasha Nary

Talented creator and baker, Sasha Nary, with 218k followers on Instagram, is a loyal customer of Lifeway Kefir and chooses to use some of her favorite Lifeway products in many of the fabulous recipes that she makes for her family.


CARABOOM is an unexpected spectacle of silliness and physical comedy following the trials and triumphs of the Caraboom Family. Foam cannons, bubble machines and human water fountains immerse participants and passengers in a splash filled adventure!


Ian Maksin

Leveraging social media, PR, events and media appearances to drive visibility for Lifeway Kefir with Ian Maksin.


Lifeway Kefir joined the Ukrainian Village Fest in Chicago where Americans unite to help raise funds for the brave Ukrainian men and women who fight for Ukraine’s freedom every day.


Cooking with Lifeway is a community outreach program where kids and parents are educated on the nutritional benefits of food while creating simple recipes. Kids get the chance to be creative with their food choices by choosing and pairing their favorite toppings with Lifeway products. Cooking with Lifeway has reached over 10,000 in Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia and New York!

During the pandemic our team faciliated partnership with NFP organizations to donate Lifeway products to needy senior citizens households.
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