Case Study

Forgotten Dogs Foundation


The Forgotten Dogs Foundation (FDF) is a charity organization dedicated to providing care and homes to dogs across the country. They are providing the best care possible from the moment they rescue the dogs to the moment they are brought to their loving homes.

Our goal was to improve FDF’s brand messaging and website usability to ensure that certain users could navigate the site easily and understand how important the work of this foundation is.


Knowing that FDF wanted to deliver on their promised ability to connect individual users with specific dogs and shelters, we worked to make sure the website was easy to navigate and intuitive.

We made sure to feature lots of photos and videos of dogs that users could look through while gaining up-to-date information about the mission of the foundation.

We also focused on making sure website users had easy access to their information and could create new accounts with easily trackable personal data such as what donations they’ve made in the past and where those donations went. We also made it so that users would be notified about what happened to the dogs and shelters that they donated to.

We are excited to continue our work with the FDF in the coming months.


“My experience working with Marketing for Wellness has been nothing but superb from the very first meeting to the final product. The staff there truly tried to understand our mission, and then proceeded to execute the vision, whilst communicating along the way at each stage. Nothing was too much when asking for changes in direction, edits, or amendments and we are very happy with the outcome and the experience. We will for sure be using them again in the future and would recommend anyone else the same.”
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