Dr. Kessler

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Dr. Kessler is a plastic surgeon located in the Lagoona Beach area of California. Our work with him involved a deep dive into business strategy, brand development, messaging and content, web site design and development.


As reality TV, social media and the promise of attainable fame and glamor permeated American society in the 21st Century, the elective surgery industry followed suit, increasingly indulging clients who—self-image warped in the funhouse mirror-hall of synthetic beauty everywhere from the TV screen to Instagram—chased unrealistic (or low-cost provider) paths to transformation, sometimes with disastrous results. The land of the Extreme Makeover naturally gave way to the land of the Extremely Bad Decision.

Dr. Kessler saw the opportunity to service his client with a more natural, organic growth with nonsurgical procedures while providing for holistic beauty wellness solutions around nutrition and hormonal therapy.
Focusing on business priorities and target audience, Marketing For Wellness developed positioning work for Dr. Kessler Plastic Surgery is the premier “one stop” facial aesthetics and plastic surgery provider that delivers the most responsible and individually tailored path to youthful rejuvenation and beauty because of wide range of available in house procedures.

Our team was searching for a Brand Value Statement that would best represent Dr.Kessler’s commitment to truly servicing his clients while considering the whole person and make honest, responsible recommendations to help clients to look AND feel better.

Hand of a surgeon.
Eye of an artist.
Heart of a teacher.

Web Site

We designed a new web site to support Dr. Kessler’s commitment to an individualized approach to rejuvenation to help clients to recapture maximum youth with minimum risk to their well-being.

Key Message:
An Intensely Personalized And Thoughtful
Path To Rejuvenation And Transformation.
UX/UI delivers instant access to the most important information and designed to get prospective clients to book a consultation.

In addition to Before and After, For Women and Men section, our team developed unique features for the site including:

Personalized Plan

Client Resources

Video Gallery

Ask Dr. Kessler

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