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Founded earlier this year (2021), CANNASI sells high-quality CBD and hemp seed products that consumers can trust. Inspired by his own success using CBD products to manage pain, Co-Founder Gene set out to start his own company so that the benefits of this non-traditional medicine could be shared as widely as possible. While CBD can go a long way in helping people manage their well-being, not all products on the market are made equal.
Many are inauthentic or contain artificial additives that can potentially be harmful. To address this need for pure CBD, CANNASI uses a 3rd party testing facility and puts scannable QR codes on every product so that consumers can verify where they came from. Our team helped CANNASI develop a brand foundation— setting them up for success to bring the high quality product to market.


Brand Strategy

We connected CANNASI’s brand foundation with customer needs and pain points.
We identified three key consumer pain points


  1. Questionable CBD/hemp sourcing,

  2. Efficacy dosage

  3. Confusion about how to use CBD/hemp as medicine

  • And solutions

  • Integrity of Sourcing

  • Purchase Value

  • Promised Strength/Efficacy


We helped CANNASI develop a messaging strategy in line with their founders’ vision for the company — deciding on Stubbornly Pure for their brand essence.

Selected target demographics spanned age groups, as we recognized that different segments may have different needs. A focus on pureness and trust bridges all demographic divides, covering both younger audiences who tend to view CBD as a treatment for mental health issues, and older population who largely see it as a way to provide relief from chronic pain.


We redesigned CANNASI’s website playing up the themes of pureness and trust that distinguish the brand from competitors and appeal across target demographics. We created visual concepts to emphasize nature and pureness and adopted the tagline, “A Singular Focus on Pure, Potent CBD,” since that is what CANNASI is all about.
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