Case Study

Britannica Digital Learning


Britannica Digital Learning is the digital wing of Encyclopaedia Britannica, offering the resources, images and accuracy of the print encyclopedia in an entirely digital format. While the Britannica name is widely recognized, they had not effectively communicated to the audience their transition from a 130-pound book collection to an all-digital compendium of factual research information and supplementary lesson plans that can be accessed from any device.

In 2015, Britannica hired Marketing For Wellness to help change this perception. Our challenge was to use their existing social media channels to increase awareness in the education community about Britannica Digital Learning’s existence and what their products can offer schools and libraries in the 21st century.


Working closely with the Britannica team, Marketing For Wellness revamped Britannica Digital Learning’s social media strategy, introducing a monthly content calendar, branded hashtag, and commanding engagement efforts.

Our team prepared weekly and monthly reports to help refine the content strategy, so as to better reach the target audience of educators.

In just three months, Marketing For Wellness grew Britannica’s following on all social networks by a staggering amount.

On Facebook alone, following increased by 15% and engagement grew by 195%.
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