Case Study

Black & Decker Spacemaker

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To introduce Black & Decker Spacemaker’s expanded line, Applica—manufacturer and distributor of small home appliances—turned to Marketing For Wellness for an engaging and innovative online presence to showcase the product line.


• Provide a unique shopping experience for customers, unlike any found in stores
• Drive online and offline sales with preferred retailers, such as Target
• Support advertising and PR initiatives
• Raise awareness of Applica’s expanded product line


While creating the website, Marketing For Wellness designed an interactive virtual kitchen visualizer. With this feature, customers can envision how Applica’s small appliances would fit into their own kitchen and save them space before purchasing Black & Decker Spacemaker.

Due to this innovative feature, online visitors can choose a style, experimenting with different colors and texture for the cabinets, wall, countertops, and appliances.


The website became a major vehicle in propelling the line’s successful launch and driving interest in the products.

With many additional features, such as a counter space calculator, before and after gallery, to the main e-commerce section consumers can experiment, easily see how the SpaceMaker line saves them valuable counter space.

In addition, to promote a clutter-free kitchen, the website also includes Feng shui tips that will help customers create harmony in their homes.
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