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The development of industry accredited continuing education courses (CEUs) positioned our clients as thought leaders in architecture and design and reinforced their commitment to education and support of the A&D community.


Our team researched and uncovered inspirational and forward-thinking topics to inspire informative CEUs, and ensured that each topic fulfilled the requirements for IDCEC, AIA, and when appropriate, USGBC. We submitted these courses for accreditation. We designed and developed all course content and visuals along with a script for presenters. We prepared and implemented a marketing strategy to promote the new course, managed attendance reporting, and issued certificates.

We developed content and design to help our clients to inspire architects and designers with the benefits of Biophillia and new possibilities for commercial and residential projects.

Biological need for connection with nature:

• Physical
• Mental
• Social levels
Connection Effects:
• Personal Wellbeing
• Productivity
• Societal Relationships

Using this theory, designers have the unique ability to turn a mundane space into a stimulating, life-enhancing environment.


We anticipated popular trends such as biophilic design and explored the future of design and innovation. CEUs include “Business Etiquette for the Design Professional,” “Human Benefits of Designing with Nature,” “Improving Health and Well-Being in the Build Environment”, and “Exploring the Futures of Tomorrow to Enable Innovation Tomorrow.”
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