Vegetable Juices

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Marketing for Wellness partnership with Vegetable Juices, Inc., a premier innovator of natural vegetable flavor and ingredient solutions, The collaboration, built on a mutual commitment to improving the quality of life, produced marketing assets including a website, print collateral and event materials within a very aggressive timeline to produce marketing support for the InterBev and IFT trade shows.
• Positioning and Competitive Analysis
• Developed Brand Architecture for Vegetable Juices
• Brand development and Activation


We collaborated with the client to Identify product differentiation for ESSENTIA® Lets beverages and food manufacturers concentrate.

We emphasized Vegetable Juices, are made using a proprietary process, Advanced Concentrate Technology® that preserves the essence of fruits and vegetables focusing on four types of benefits:
Greater health:
Essentia® allows fruits and vegetables to retain their natural and maintain relatively lower sodium levels.
Better taste:
The technology underlying Essentia® Vegetable
Concentrates simply makes food and drinks taste top notes to greater degrees of clarity.
Higher quality:
Because Essentia® locks-in the true essence of fruits and vegetables, it provides food and beverage brands with a range more fruit and vegetable servings; and the opportunity to tell consumers that the product they’re about to enjoy is made from high quality ingredients.
Improved receptivity:
Essentia® can improve a product’s overall aroma and can help a product retain the color of its fruit and vegetable ingredients.

BD Support


Vegetable Juices were invited by the Desserts Group at Kraft to participate in the Kraft Foods Grocery Division Innovation Day Event. Marketing For Wellness developed BD tools to present company’s capabilities to marketing, R & D, operations, and research teams all the way up to the Grocery Division Executive Team. Our job was to get Kraft’s attention for Vegetable Juices Innovation products and fresh ideas.
We develop a story to convey to position Vegetable Juices as a Kraft’s longtime reliable, supplier of wholesome vegetable ingredients and as a viable innovation partner that is always thinking about new ways that its ingredients can be used to enhance Kraft’s consumer offerings.

We connected Vegetable Juices messaging to Kraft’s brands

Product Concept:
A ready-to-eat gelato snack that can be eaten refrigerated or frozen for a more authentic experience.
Desserts: Jell-O, single-serve
Adults who love sweet treats in moderation
Meeting Customers Needs:
Enjoy the great taste of gelato in a single-serve, ready-to-eat form. Eat it straight out of the refrigerator or put it into the freezer for an indulgent, delicious Italian dessert experience.


Marketing For Wellness team contributed to the success of Vegetable Juices and its successful acquisition by Naturex, the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients.
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