Aug 01, 2019

Spread the Warmth

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At Marketing For Wellness, we support companies and organizations that are making the world a better place for others. Tiesta Tea is doing just that with their annual Spread the Warmth event. Every January for the past four years, the start-up company has hosted a one-night event to serve multiple locations in Chicago with hot tea and warmth kits filled with food and warm clothing items. Locations include shelters, soup kitchens and city streets. This year, the event took place on January 17th, with all teams starting at Galleria Marchetti, a well known event space in the heart of Chicago.
Marketing For Wellness participated this year at an organization providing residential services and help for victims of domestic violence. We spread warmth through conversation over tea and snacks. The residents loved the apple cinnamon flavor of Tiesta’s brewed tea and we all enjoyed discussing its bright berry color. We exchanged names, jokes and encouragement.
Many of the people we served have been victims of violence, trafficking, or abuse, but they met our team with a kind and welcoming nature. Their optimism and warmth, despite circumstances, were humbling and we left grateful for our time with them.
Estimates that over 80,000 Chicagoans are homeless and struggling through harsh winters can leave us with a feeling of despair.
However, it’s possible to make a difference. Tiesta Tea proves this point as their event continues to grow each year. Volunteers come together and invite more friends and co-workers from across the city.
Marketing For Wellness is committed to causes that change the world for the better. We seek partnerships with like-minded clients, businesses and organizations. Even a few hours out of a weeknight evening can make a world of difference for an individual receiving kindness and understanding. Every little bit helps. We are thankful for the work of Tiesta Tea in organizing this event and showing that when we come together, we can make an impact.
Thank you to the Marketing For Wellness for volunteering and sharing your experience @Megan Kozelek

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