Aug 01, 2019

Marketing Tools That Will Generate Value For Your Business

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From content marketing platforms to social media management solutions, marketing technology, or martech, is helping businesses catapult their profits. However, there are so many martech products on the market today that it can be challenging to know which ones to choose.
If you want to generate value for your business, you have to select among the best. Here are some key marketing tools to consider:

1. Content Marketing Platforms

With content marketing platforms (CMPs), your marketing team can take care of a variety of activities to manage content marketing, including managing content strategy collaboration and the different activities by content creators, curators and distributors. These tools can also be used to improve the distribution of downstream or classic cross-channel marketing.
You want to choose a CMP that offers the ability to conduct various content marketing activities from one central location, which helps you manage your content even faster the more you use it. For instance, Contently’s CMP helps you to scale your content and streamline the production with features such as rich tagging and a production calendar.

2. Cross-Channel Campaign Management

A variety of vendors are offering cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) tools, including Adobe, SAS, Oracle, IBM and Cheetah Digital. These tools help to support customer analytics, segmentation and customer data management. You can also use this enterprise-level martech tool to manage workflow with tools that help you to design, measure and execute online and offline campaigns. With a CCCM, you can optimize your capabilities across channels, leveraging technology such as predictive analytics.

3. Cross-Channel Identity Resolution

Being able to make sense of customer data from different touchpoints is crucial for delivering the right message for your target audience. With a cross-channel identity resolution, you can facilitate contextual marketing by drawing and connecting data from different devices and channel touchpoints to build a customer profile that is cohesive.

Cross-channel identity resolution also offers value because it helps to facilitate personalization and a solid target marketing strategy. Some solutions, for example, help you gather a comprehensive view of your target audience with audience insights, including demographic data on each consumer who clicks or views your campaigns, based on device.

4. Enterprise Preference Management

While it’s a goal to establish the most contact as possible with your target audience, it’s also vital to respect their preferences. With enterprise preference management (EPM), you can manage and validate consumer preferences across channels, like the frequency of content distribution.EPM from vendors such as Marketo, Adobe and IBM helps you to achieve what your target audience wants, such as the number of emails they prefer receiving weekly. It also helps to reduce or eliminate wasteful messages so you can build trust and better personalize your marketing messages for your target audience.

5. Email Service Providers

With an email service provider (ESP), you can create and implement emails for marketing typically on a hosted solution using cloud technology. Look for a vendor that helps drive value for your email marketing campaigns by facilitating frequent engagement with customers at a low cost.For instance, Epsilon’s Agility Harmony tool helps you to create custom emails based on a customer’s online behavior, preferences and transaction history. This helps you to better target the customer with relevant content via email.

6. Loyalty Technology Platforms

Managing your loyalty program is essential for maintaining customers. To effectively manage loyalty programs, look for a platform that offers several capabilities like reporting, delivery of communications, rewards or points management and member data.By using loyalty technology platforms, you can effectively recognize, monitor and reward customers who are loyal by collecting information from existing customers to gain a better understanding of their motivation, behavior and needs.

7. Social Media Management Solutions

Your brand message should be consistent across all channels, including social media. With social media management solutions, ensure your social media posts are consistent with your established compliance and brand guidelines, despite who is posting the message from your team and regardless of their location.This martech tool is useful for companies with global teams and helps you to respond to comments and monitor and publish posts. It also integrates with other capabilities, such as reviews, ratings and social measurement.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, understanding which martech products are best for your business calls for knowing your business needs. It also requires knowing which stage of the business lifecycle you are in. If you’re in a growth stage, it’s important to invest in technology such as CMPs and CCCMs to help grow your target audience. But for companies that have a large customer base, maintenance is key.
EPM, loyalty technology platforms and social media management solutions help you to maintain your customer base. By understanding your business needs, you can choose the martech tools that work best for reaching your marketing goals.
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