Aug 01, 2019

How to measure social media success with Google Analytics

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A social media campaign is only as successful as the data behind it. Yet so many marketers neglect to review their numbers. Why? Google Analytics is no walk in the park and even the most senior marketers don’t fully understand the many nuances of the tool. To take some of the confusion out of data analytics, Marketing For Wellness highlights the key tools to help you evaluate your social media campaigns.
To begin, make sure to utilize trackable links in your social media campaign. You’ve seen them all over Twitter, both as a tracking tool and as a way to stay within the 140 character limit. These links identify the success of your content and how users are arriving on your site.
Once the campaign is launched, optimization is a must! This bird won’t fly without some data analysis and adjustments. Figure out which social media platforms soar and which flop, then adjust your budget accordingly.
Set goals, view visitor behavior, quantify your conversion rate and more all from within Google Analytics! To know your numbers, get to know Google Analytics.

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