Aug 01, 2019

Creating A Better Future – 2018 And Beyond

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At Marketing For Wellness we believe that people have power to transform lives through invention and implementation of breakthrough ideas that seemed impossible yesterday. Imagine an event that brings together visionaries and change-makers who are are known to disrupt the industries they represent while deeply caring about the impact their efforts will have on generations to come. This is TWIN Global. #TWINglobal

Imagine on one stage a scientist like Marcus Weldon thinking of technology in terms of human needs, telling us “Pretend the present isn’t the limit,” a polar explorer and climate change advocate like Barney Swan telling us, “I’m a consumer, but I’m also a citizen.
I have choices. I can make change,” a former SVP of Talent from Apple, Denise Young Smith telling us, “Alignment fosters authenticity and allows you to connect better with people and develop empathy. Smart businesses care about how their people are doing,” a producer and entrepreneur like Nely Galán telling us, “Self-made is a mindset. Most of us get there from pain. Turn fear and failure into your guiding light,” a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist like Howard Tullman telling us “Think revolutionary, not evolutionary,” and so many more. These examples are a small selection of the brilliant speakers and thoughts shared at TWIN Global from 2016 to the present.
With such a constellation of stars on the stage and in the audience, a truly magical experience happens. TWIN is a community, a family of forward-thinkers and during the short conference a sort of incubation happens. Ideas are presented and exchanged, inspiration is fostered, connections are made and intentions are set for beyond the conference.
Marketing For Wellness has been around the world of TWIN since its inception in 2009. We have been following the brilliance of Robert Wolcott’s ability to manifest a one of a kind event, and for the past 3 years we have been honored to be part of this initiative by taking TWIN to the social media universe.
Marketing For Wellness promotes the event before it begins, during its duration through live posting and interviews with speakers, and after the event closes each year through media captured during the event and blog reviews to keep and build momentum for the next year.

TWIN Global is an annual event limited to 350 invitation-only delegates, leaders who are creating the future. At Marketing For Wellness, innovation is our passion and we are committed to working with corporate and civic partners to create a better future. Working with TWIN Global on their digital marketing is an exciting honor.

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