Aug 01, 2019

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At Marketing For Wellness we believe that people have power to transform lives through invention and implementation of breakthrough ideas that seemed impossible yesterday. Imagine an event that brings together visionaries and change-makers who are are known to disrupt the industries they represent while deeply caring about the impact their efforts will have on generations to come. This is TWIN Global.
Marketing For Wellness has been around the world of TWIN since its inception in 2009, and for the past 3 years we have been honored to be part of this initiative by taking TWIN to the social media universe. Through a short blog series we will expand upon what we learned at TWIN Global 2018 and introduce you to thought leaders who will inspire you.

Global Warming

Global warming is now an observable phenomenon evidenced by shrinking glaciers, loss of sea ice, accelerated rise of sea levels, more intense heat waves, changes in plant and animal ranges, trees flowering sooner, and more. The earth’s average temperature rose two degrees in the 20th century, and even though the change seems small, it causes major changes in the environment.

Scientists at NASA ranked 2017 as the second warmest year since reliable record keeping began (1880), following 2016. Emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases have increased temperatures by more than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and NASA and NOAA analyses show that 17 of the 18 warmest years of modern record-keeping have occured since 2001.

Taking Action

Marketing For Wellness learned of an exciting challenge called ClimateForce, borne out of the 2041 Foundation. It works to combat the negative effects of global warming based on an educational approach that helps consumers and business leaders discover how and why to make better choices for the planet. Through education and action plans the goal is to clean up 360 million tons of CO2 by 2025.
Everything we do from how we choose to eat to how we produce the food we eat, from our choice of laundry settings to the manufacturing of the clothes that become our laundry, from the way we dispose of trash to the ways trash is collected and removed – all of this and so much more is in the control of human choice.
Accessible lifestyle changes recommended by ClimateForce include changing your utilities to green energy, installing a solar roof, make sure your heating and insulation are efficient, implement your own carbon counting practice, focus on your diet to eat less meat and source local foods – reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The People Behind the Mission

If you want to know more, the people behind this challenge have made extraordinary and excruciating journeys across Antarctica. Robert Swan, OBE and Polar Explorer, and his son Barney Swan have made unbelievable expeditions, discovered breathtaking beauty, and uncovered considerable damage due to CO2 emissions. They have seen the effects of global warming with their own eyes. Such journeys leave a great deal of time for reflection.

“Antarctica will beat you down with its silence. It’s incredibly challenging to keep momentum going. I was there by choice. I put myself in that situation. There are so many people in our world who are in their situation by circumstance, i.e. refugees or extreme circumstance. Remember your momentum and the power of choice.” – Barney Swan.

With help and understanding from humanity the earth can heal. “Always try to be the positive person around the table. It’s easier to criticize, but I’ve never heard of any being inspired by negativity.” – Robert Swan.
He shares that the ozone layer is actually fixing itself due to current efforts, and the ways that humans can help this process are accessible. He and Barney suggest planting trees, considering how you eat, direct air capture facilities, and more.

“I’m a damn good survivor and a survivor does not look at [global warming] and do nothing about it.” – Robert Swan.

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