We developed an integrated campaign — online, mobile, print, transit, and place-based media — to engage college students and get them to make Amazon their source for selling their used textbooks or purchasing their college essentials.


We first conducted primary research and interviewed college students to better understand their day-to-day reality. From there we identified key value propositions for Amazon that could address some of the everyday challenges felt by college students. Through this research we developed compelling messaging and campaigns that spoke to the reality of college life in a truthful and cheeky way.


 Amazon looked to Marketing for Wellness to develop compelling and relatable messaging for their new membership program – Amazon Mom. True to our core and methodology, our strategy and ultimate deliverable was backed by research. We interviewed new mothers and fathers, parents of toddlers and twins, expecting mothers, and stay at home dads. Through their experiences of sleep deprivation, forgetting to buy diapers, and sharing their greatest joys of being parents we captured their realities and crafted messaging that communicated how Amazon Mom can make their lives easier.


Through our efforts, we helped Amazon to successfully launch AmazonMom and AmazonStudy with on brand messaging backed by research and a clear understanding of the realities of the target audience.


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